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February 15,2020
Pre-Concert Lecture
6:30 pm
Pre-Concert Music
6:45 pm
Concert Performance
7:30 pm

We look to the great American landscape as our inspiration for this concert which will feature not only great music, but also beautiful and inspirational photography. Aaron Copland's Outdoor Overture will get us out into the fresh air. Then we will move to the majestic mountains, trees, rivers, and coastlines in Dave and Chris Brubeck's Ansel Adams: America, featuring a spectacular slideshow of the great photographer's works. Local students will show us what they cherish about Our Town in a charming and moving tribute to Springfield. We welcome back violinist Tessa Lark, who wowed audiences two years ago with her barefoot fiddling, to perform a bluegrass-inspired concerto that will absolutely bring down the house. Do not miss this amazing chance to see - and hear - America the Beautiful!

Special thanks to U.S. Bank Wealth Management for supporting Tessa Lark as a Guest Artist Sponsor.

Dave and Chris Brubeck - Ansel Adams: America
Copland - Our Town
Michael Torke - Sky - Concerto for Violin
                       With Tessa Lark, Violin
Copland - An Outdoor Overture

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Artwork © Debbie Criswell 
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